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Back to School Books

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Back to School Books! Great books for getting kids excited and ready to head back to school!


schoolSchool’s First Day Of School by Adam Rex

This is a funny and heartfelt twist on the familiar "first day of school" trope that will have readers looking at their own experiences from a new perspective. The story and the art combine to make an emotional but comforting story that will ring true to any child facing a first-time.

bookTJ & the Beanstalk
$14.99; Pai.Technology

TJ & the Beanstalk brings fairytales to life with Augmented Reality. TJ and the Beanstalk puts a new twist on the classic children’s tale. Children can interact with the story and become a part of TJ’s exciting adventure. Reading truly comes to life with 3D storybooks. Ages 3+.


Visual Guide to Grammar and Punctuation

A clear, precise, and comprehensive book that will give children the tools to build confidence in reading, writing, and comprehension through visual explanation. From when to use a preposition or pronoun to how to use a comma or colon, this book covers all the most important grammar topics. Each example provided is supported by a picture, making it accessible and comprehensible, and clear and simple text and repetition help to solidify knowledge and understanding.


The Teacher’s Pet by Anica Mrose Rissi

When their class tadpoles are big enough, Mr. Stricter tells his students they can keep just one. The class chooses Bruno, the smallest of the bunch. But Bruno doesn't stay that way for long. Soon, he's grown into a giant, classroom-wrecking creature: he eats desks, he farts for show-and-tell, and he sneezes slime all over everything. With Mr. Stricter blinded by love for the pet, the students must step up and take matters into their own heroic hands.


Fall is for School by Robert Neubecker

Fall is time for turning leaves, the weather's growing cool. Fall is here. Come on with me. It's time to go to school.

circusIf You Ever Want to Bring a Circus to the Library, Don’t by Elise Parsley

If you see a poster that says "You Can Do Anything at the Library!", it is NOT giving you permission to put on a circus. But Magnolia doesn't see any problem with setting up her own big top. She's got a lot of gusto and one mean human cannonball routine. So what if her greatest show on Earth won't fit between the bookshelves?


The Bedtime Book by Mary Engelbreit

This beautifully-illustrated picture book pairs sleepy time text with Mary Engelbreit's beloved, timeless art. From endearing poems and snuggly stories to sweet blessings and precious prayers, each page features ways for you to read your little one to sleep.  The Bedtime Book has a beautiful cover decorated with embossing and spot gloss.


The Pout-Pout Fish And The Bully-Bully Shark by Deborah Diesen and Dan Hanna

The Pout-Pout Fish is back and this time with a great anti-bullying message that empowers kids to speak up against bullies, as Mr. Fish finds his voice and speaks up to a mean shark that is bullying everyone in the park. Little guppies are sure to smile at this installment about friendship, courage, and finding your voice. Playful rhyming verse with a catchy, repeated refrain invites participation from young readers.

wipe clean

Get Ready for School: Four Books and a Pen to Use Over & Over Again! (Look & Learn Wipe-Clean Books)

Every page helps children learn important first concepts, practice hand-eye coordination, and develop lifelong skills. Children will build dexterity and pen control, boost vocabulary, increase letter and number recognition, and much more. Includes ABC: Learn the Alphabet; 1,2,3: Count to 20 and Back; Writing: Find and Trace the Words; and First Words: 80+ Words to Learn. There are pictures to see and new words to discover, dotted numbers to trace and alphabet letters to learn, and lots of challenging puzzles to decipher. The pages are laminated, so when kids are done with each activity, they can simply take a soft tissue or cloth, wipe everything off, and begin again.


The Story of Coding by James Floyd Kelly

Discover the history of computers and coding, from Ada Lovelace's initial idea of computer programming to today's coding languages like Scratch, Python, Javascript, and more, features photographs, diagrams, fun facts, and strong visual clues. What exactly is a computer? How do they work? What is a code? What are the different coding languages? This Level 2 DK Reader will explore it all, while also building reading skills and teaching exciting vocabulary. Additional information spreads are full of extra fun facts, developing the topics through a range of nonfiction presentation styles such as diagrams and activities.


My Amazing Body Machine

A unique and exciting visual guide to the human body, with specially commissioned handcrafted illustrations that make this amazing machine accessible and engaging for children. From the intricately wired brain and structured skeleton to the relentlessly pumping heart and rising and falling lungs, each part of the amazing human body is explored. With clear text and fascinating bite-size facts, this visual guide makes learning about the human body fun, and real-life examples show how the parts of the body work together in immediate and ingenious ways.

codingMy First Coding Book

It's never too early to learn computer coding. With interactive paper engineering, My First Coding Book is a playful, hands-on introduction to offline coding and programming that will give young children a head start. Filled with puzzles, mazes, and games to teach the basic concepts of sequences, algorithms, and debugging, this book will help children develop critical thinking, logic, and other skills to cement lifelong computer literacy, which is extremely valuable and sought-after in today's world.

Published: July 2017