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Flying Flossers - Dental Floss Bugs

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Flying Flossers::Dental Floss bugs

Kids might actually look forward to flossing their teeth if you tell them they can use the flossers to craft these cute bugs and other creatures!

New or used dental flossing tools
Unwanted toothbrush (optional)
Air-drying clay
Googly eyes and/or beads
Paper clips
Wire cutters

Here’s How:

1.)  Gather several disposable dental flossers. Use them new from the bag, or recycle used ones (rinse and dry them first).
2.)  Next, make a bug’s body by rolling some air-drying clay into a ball or oval. (For the toothbrush bug, form the clay tightly around the brush.)
3.)  Carefully insert the flossers into the wet clay to create wings.
4.)  Press googly eyes or beads into the head of the bug to create eyes.
5.)  Create antennae by cutting pieces from a paper clip or chenille stick with wire cutters (a parent’s job) and press them into the clay above the eyes.
6.)  Decorate the insect with additional beads or other small items.
7.)  Last, allow the cute creature to dry completely and then put it on display!

More ideas:
• Dollar stores are an inexpensive source for the flossers; there are many styles and colors available both for kids and adults.
• Try making other figures like animals, birds, fairies or people.
• Use a toothbrush with a flashing light to make a “firefly.”
• Make fancier bugs by decorating them with jewels or sequins.
• Make “robots” by adding small metal items like paper clips, brads, nuts, bolts and washers.
• Glue magnets onto the back of completely dry bugs.
• Draw a scene on a large sheet of poster board—play with the bugs on it; or adhere the bugs to it permanently.
• Use an empty shoebox to craft a cute shadow box for the bugs to live in.
• Instead of using the plastic flossers and beads, craft critters with air-drying clay and natural items, such as leaves, twigs and seeds.
• Stick several flossers around a ball of clay to create a unique flower. 

Pamela Frye Hauer is an artist, author and mother of two busy little boys. Her craft and scrapbooking projects have appeared in numerous books and magazines. Her most recent book is “Memories in Miniature.”