Crafts For Kids

  • Heart Heroes
    This Valentine’s Day turn an unwanted action figure into a much-loved holiday superhero!Supplies: Action figureAir-dry clayCraft paintGoogly eyesSmall pieces of paper, felt or plasticLollipop stickC... Read More »
  • Juice Box Bunny
    Keep that empty juice box out of the trash, and use it to make a super cute spring friend!Supplies: Empty juice boxScraps of fabricScraps of felt1 cottonballSmall piece of thin cardboardDouble-sided t... Read More »
  • Rainbow Bunny
    There’s no need to buy expensive craft sand for this project; your kids can turn common items from the kitchen cupboard into this colorful bunny in just a few fun steps! Not only will they make a cu... Read More »
  • Spring Bunny Cup
    This spring, craft a cute bunny cup to hold Easter treats!You'll Need:Paper cupScraps of pretty paper12” length of crepe paper streamerChenille stemGlitter3 buttons3 pom-pomsWhite gluePencilMarkerSc... Read More »

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