Family Science

  • Magic Pepper
    Abracadabra! Did you know that June 12 is National Magic Day? Why not celebrate by putting together a magic show full of science trickery. After all, many magic tricks and illusions are based on scien... Read More »
  • Hovercraft
    Imagine zooming across San Diego Bay in a boat that seems to float several inches above the water’s surface. Although this might sound like a scene from a futuristic science fiction film, hovercraft... Read More »
  • Straw Gliders
    The next time you visit the beaches near Torrey Pines or La Jolla, be sure to look up at the sky. You may notice many colorful gliders soaring high above the ground. These gliders provide the ultimate... Read More »
  • Diaper Chemistry
    Next time you go to the supermarket take a close look at the aisle of baby supplies. You will notice that there are many different kinds of diapers. Some varieties have elastic to hug babies’ legs; ... Read More »

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