Business Spotlight

Find more local businesses in our annual BEST OF FAMILY FUN section. We asked for parents to help us compile a list of the BEST local family-friendly hotspots.

  • Business Spotlight June 2011
    Inventive Mom Creates Own Line of Healthful Diapers and Sells them at Her Local ShopDaughter Sarah’s premature birth and her subsequent allergy to disposable diapers inspired Linda Byerline to creat... Read More »
  • Business Spotlight May 2011
    Foundation Works to Maintain Outdoor Education ProgramsSixth grade camp and outdoor education programs of the San Diego County Office of Education have helped children learn hands-on science, achieve ... Read More »
  • Business Spotlight April 2011
    Innovative Instruction at Private School“Day-McKellar Prep offers a premier private school education for grades K- 12,” says founder and Head of School, Cara Day-McKellar. Individualized attention... Read More »
  • Business Spotlight March 2011
    Company Strives to make Online Classified Shopping Safer for Consumers“We believe that there is a disconnect in the marketplace when people are very careful transacting on sites like Ebay and Amazon... Read More »

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