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Start the new year with all the resources you need to stay healthy, wealthy and wise!  Need a doctor, dentist or mental health provider? Want new ideas for getting your family in shape this year? The advertisers in our Health Directory 2017 can help!

  • 5 Life-Changing Resolutions for Parents
    A New Year, a New Parent: Five Life-Changing Resolutions for ParentsHere are five resolutions that get to the heart of what parents need for 2011:Redefine SuccessAmericans are now working mo... Read More »
  • Cold, Flu and RSV
    Cold, Flu and RSV Season!As we gear up for cooler days and nights, we also brace ourselves for the onset of cold and flu season, and all the sniffles and coughs it’s sure to bring.During this time ... Read More »
  • 20 Minutes to a Clean House
    Like many moms, I love having a clean house. Even if the kids are running around and tossing their toys all over the place, I feel so happy when I look at a gleaming kitchen with clean countertops and... Read More »
  • Is Concierge Medicine Right for Your Family?
    Let’s face it—our current health care economy and landscape is confusing (and I am a doctor!). With the recent election, health care reform has been front and center as an issue that is important ... Read More »

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